VoteNotes is a suite of simple to use applications developed to allow you to manage more effectively the annual canvass return, the ongoing update of the electoral register, provide mail management ensuring all correspondence is dealt with quickly and efficiently, and document management.

VoteNotes was designed in partnership with Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board; whose input has ensured it meets the needs of users at the sharp end actually doing the job.

VoteNotes comprises four modules and together offer the fullest possible set of features and benefits.

  • AForm Management
  • Owners Declaration
  • MultiMail Flow
  • WorkLoad Manager

Benefits to the board:

  • Significant improvement in the confidence of the audit process and the quality of the Electoral Register's data.
  • Improved accuracy in form details.
  • Reduced need for additional support staff.
  • Integration with existing systems.
  • VoteNotes is based upon leading IBM technology, which enables integration with almost any other system in use.
  • All information is held 'on screen'.
  • Allocation and re-allocation of workload allows for rapid adaptation to staff availability. Supervision and confidence of staff much improved.
  • Audit of all changes is automatically part of process and auditor workload can be gauged and amended quickly.
  • Management information is easily obtained by viewing Audit File.
  • Full compliance with Freedom of Information and Data Protection Act.
  • Electronic storage of AForms enables significant saving in storage space.

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