TeamNotes is a powerful and extensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution aimed at ensuring that at every point of contact with a Fan or Corporate Contact, the knowledge gained is recorded and saved.

TeamNotes was designed in partnership with Liverpool Football Club, whose input has ensured that it meets the needs of sports clubs in general but football clubs in particular. Fan Database - A seriously scaleable Fan database designed to manage anything up to 2 million fan records. Data is captured from a number of 'source' databases, ticketing, season tickets, web sites etc. and is kept synchronised with the import/export module. Data clean-up is available by the ability to link into class-leading address management packages such as Quick Address. The result is a high-quality, comprehensive, de-duplicated fan database, drawn from all useful sources within the club and available to modules such as our Marketing Campaign Manager to allow clubs to get maximum benefit from this key data.

What TeamNotes has to offer:

Corporate Information Database

A sophisticated, hierarchically structure document store with the capability to manage all of the organisation's knowledge and activity with a corporate customer. The system can track both prospects and customers, all in-bound and out-bound correspondence, email and faxes. Appointments, proposals and quotes can be managed with simple production of confirmation letters and the ability to hold visit report/follow-up information to allow sophisticated management tracking.

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Marketing Campaign Manager

Campaigns can be created quickly and easily by non-technical users within the marketing department and managed all the way through to outcome measurement and assessment. Campaigns can use Email, mobile phone text messaging or more traditional methods for sending marketing collateral. It is perfectly feasible to create a campaign on match day and use cheap modern technology such as Email to fill any empty seats. Alternatively, the marketing module is just as powerful in a planned, longer term campaign such as the renewal of season tickets.

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Customer Service

Provides an intelligent Helpdesk and complaint logging system. Can be used in conjunction with the Fan or Corporate databases to allow calls and enquiries to be logged, prioritised, allocated and escalated internally and externally. Provides configurable escalation parameters to determine escalation routes in terms of people, groups, organisations and also timings, for example escalate to manager on 2 hours, to ensure service agreements are met. The system allows categorisation by Premier League complaints codes, fully meeting PL guidelines and rules.

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Import/Export Management

The Fan data is ever-changing and so TeamNotes has a powerful, but simple to use module importing and merging information from 'source' databases such as your ticketing system, or web-site. Data can be merged from a large variety of sources and the system tracks where records come from and all changes made. To really improve overall data quality, the TeamNotes system has an export module which allows cleaned, de-duplicated information to be exported back to other systems.

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