CareNotes CRS

CareNotes CRS is the leading mental health electronic care record solution combining CAMHS, LD, SAP, Drug & Alcohol and Needle Exchange modules in one web based solution. Designed in conjunction with hundreds of NHS clinicians and Social Care professionals CareNotes CRS delivers:-

  • to the organisation - a fully integrated electronic health and social care record that covers all aspects of inpatient, outpatient, community and day care
  • to the users - an intuitive easy to use web based interface with functionality that mirrors and promotes best practice
  • to the patient - improved care due to availability of relevant information where ever and when ever it is needed 24hrs a day 7 days a week


Built to open standards CareNotes CRS can be deployed over the web, via Citrix, Tablet and PDA devices utilising GPRS connectivity. Using standard Microsoft technologies CareNotes CRS offers IT departments a solution that is state of the art, easy to deploy and maintain. CareNotes CRS supports the use of national standards for the exchange of clinical information in HL7 and XML formats.


CareNotes CRS is a complete Electronic Health Care Record solution designed by clinicians for clinicians. No other solution provides the breadth and depth of functionality of CareNotes CRS.
CareNotes CRS aids the Trust in caring for their clients from initial contact, through all of their spells of care and contacts with other disciplines and agencies on to their ultimate discharge. CareNotes CRS provides the organisation with the capabilities to review and analyse the care already provided to ensure that care and treatment is continually improved.
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For details of CareNotes CRS functionality please click here


Professional trainers are at hand for all of your CareNotes CAMHS training needs. To find out more please click here.


CareNotes CRS users benefit from the following comprehensive functionality:

  • User defined case note structure
  • Fully featured Outpatients, Inpatients, Day Care, Community modules
  • User defined care plans, care pathways and protocols
  • 40 Standard assessment tools along with any number of user defined assessments
  • Complete clinical note taking features
  • Full support for the Care Programme Approach
  • Advanced user defined Alerting. CareNotes will inform clinicians or clients via e-mail or SMS text message
  • Full support for ICD10 clinical coding and analysis
  • Mental health minimum data set compliant
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities
  • Full support for Mental Health Act administration
  • Comprehensive features for CAMHS services, LD services, Substance Misuse services
  • Comprehensive security routines
  • User defined letter generation
  • Medication module

For a more detailed description of CareNotes CRS functionality please contact us

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